Question: Is The Edwin Foundation already operational?
Answer: Yes, very much so. Our first projects started more than a year ago when we were still the “Good Morning Edwin” task force within Cherrypal – we just have to do some more work on our website to share our work with the public. Stay tuned.

Question: Who founded Edwin?
Answer: Max Seybold, founder of Cherrypal (http://www.cherrypal.com) started the “Good Morning Edwin” initiative to support education and Internet utilization on a global basis. Max stepped down as CEO of Cherrypal in order to dedicate more time for the Edwin Foundation.

Question: Who created the Edwin logo?
Answer: Max Seybold’s 9 year old son Michael (Mikey).

Question: Is Edwin supporting Cherrypal?
Answer: It is the other way around. Cherrypal is financially supporting The Education Wins (Edwin) Foundation. Edwin is an independent non-profit organization and open to any organization to participate.

Question: Are you looking for donations and grants, other help?
Answer: Yes we do. Please send us an email (edwin@edwinfoundation.org) and we will get in touch with you. Your help is very much appreciated. We are also looking for volunteers.

Question: How do we become a “featured project”?
Answer: If you are looking for free hardware, Internet access, educational content or planning support you should send an email to adwin@edwinfoundation.org and describe your needs in detail. We will then get in touch with you and walk you through the process.

Question: Is Edwin only active in Africa?
Answer: No, we support projects all over the world.