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What started as a the “Good Morning Edwin” task force within Cherrypal became a worldwide movement to improve education and Internet access for those who need it most.

Just very recently “Good Morning Edwin” was released into independence and is now the Education Wins (Edwin) Foundation.  Please support our cause and share our vision for less digital divide and better education.

Like any new non-profit organization we are busy with securing funding for our current and future projects. Please check out our inaugural fundraisung special in the donation section.

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Ever wondered how people in Accra, Athens, Atlanta, Houston, Nairobi, Lagos, New Delhi, San Jose, Zurich use the Internet? Is your perception of other cultures and your understanding of their sophistication up-to-date? Ever wondered what concerns students and adults on other continents the most? What does “digital divide” really mean for the daily lives of people around the world. Ever wondered how the Information Age is changing education and continuous learning globally?

The “Weekly Edwin” is a weekly newsletter with the intention to share stories of Internet users from all over the world. What might be obvious to you might be foreign to others. Eager to learn?

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